Wednesday, 29 April 2020

What Is Your Mission Statement?

A mission statement is really nothing more than a few paragraphs or pages setting out what your life is about. It should say in general terms what are the key roles in your life and what you will achieve at the end of your existence. It should also set out those values that mean most to you and the qualities you aspire to have.

Develop your mission statement and foster your burning desire to soar to success. Today and every day that follows, you must tap the magical source of mastery that is your true potential. Today is the day you start being far more than you have been in the past. Today is the day that you stop being a prisoner of gravity and start to explore your true potential for higher, more successful living.

How to attract wealth & prosperity

Wealth means many things to many people. To a person in the world of business, it might mean a net worth of $50,000,000. To a person more focused on the spiritual aspects of life, it may mean the attainment of peace of mind and a deep faith in the existence and powers of a divine being. Most people are searching for some sort of wealth in their lives and what follows are the time-tested secrets of achieving it.

The first step to the realization of lasting wealth is to know what wealth means to you. What is it that you are searching for? Remember that happiness is not a destination but a way of travelling through life’s journey. Happiness is not an oasis that lies at the edge of the desert, a place that you reach only when you are prosperous. Study many of the greatest success stories of our time and they will say that they were happiest when they were starting to build their massive fortunes. They were happiest when they were working against the odds and had the raging fire of ambition and determination burning in their bellies.

Determine to be happy now, not later. This requires nothing more than a conscious choice on your part. Once you have figured out very clearly what wealth means to you and what your key destination is, the next step is to develop what is known as a prosperity consciousness. To be wealthy, you must think wealthy. As with all success, everything begins with the mind since your outer world reflects your inner world.  Recognize that the mind is a treasure house of power to bring you all the richness you seek. It will soon come as surely as the night follows the day.

Every man and woman in this world was born to succeed, be wealthy and be prosperous. The potential for prosperity is one of your most essential human qualities, whether you realize it or not. If there is not an abundance of all that you desire in your life, do something about it and do something this very day. It begins by tapping the hidden and magical powers of that part of your mind that you may not even know exists: your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, containing infinite wisdom and capability, is brought to life through your beliefs. It responds to suggestion, both verbal (autosuggestion) and mental (through the form of pictures in your mind’s eye). By repetition of phrases directed to the importance of prosperity in your life, you will soon enter a wealthy state of mind. This state of mind is the guiding force of every super-achiever before you.

An abundance of opportunities for lasting wealth

The beliefs which you hold in this mindset are then impressed on the subconscious mind which brings forth an abundance of opportunities for lasting wealth to become your reality. The key is to let your beliefs and faith in the fact that you will one day grow very rich penetrate your emotions. To become wealthy, you must feel wealthy. You must emotionalize your commitment to prosperity and let every thought you put in your mind dwell on this essential outcome. When you soak your mind in thoughts of wealth, happiness and peace, you start to tap and harness the incredible power of the subconscious mind. It is at this point that your life rises above the ordinary to the realm of the extraordinary, where it truly belongs.

For hundreds of years, great success stories have learned to concentrate the limitless power of the subconscious mind which many claim is the direct link to divine power beyond this material world.
Whether you subscribe to this philosophy or not, it is essential to your prosperity that you realize that your subconscious mind can do wonders for you when you feed it the right nutrition in the form of affirmations (autosuggestion) and mental pictures (visualization).

Here is the best strategy for using your subconscious mind to achieve your dreams:

1.    Get into a very relaxed state using one of the techniques you have learned in this book.
2.    Mentally picture, in tremendous detail what it is you want for ten minutes.
3.    Tell yourself out loud what you desire and that the result will come.

When you get into a truly relaxed, serene state, the subconscious part of the mind is most receptive to your suggestion. It will act on your every wish and make things happen. The essential key is to condition it just as you condition your subconscious mind for happiness by filling it with only the very best mental food.

Create your own personal mantras

Create your own personal mantras to repeat over and over to your subconscious mind when it is in this Ideal Action State of deep relaxation. Load up your mind with vivid pictures of what you will look like when you are prosperous. How will you feel? What will your house, car and family look like? See the many zeroes after the number one in your bank book. Get emotional. What emotions will flood through you when you are wealthy? How will you feel about yourself?

In doing this exercise, every single day, you are simply applying one of the least known but most powerful of the laws of Nature: The Law of Attraction. This law states that what you constantly and consistently focus on in your inner world is precisely what you will receive in your outer world. As you sow in the wonderful garden of the mind, so shall you reap. Whatever you believe as true in your mind’s eye will certainly manifest itself in your reality. As Emerson said: “A man is what he thinks all day long.” Understand this concept and you become unstoppable.

If you do not have all that you want in life, today is the day to start the reconditioning process.

You are developing that state of magical thinking known as prosperity consciousness. Soon, you will start attracting tremendous opportunities and gifts that you never thought possible. The more you focus on your wishes, the more you believe deeply in their realization and the more every thought in your mind is a good one, the more you will receive. Throughout the day, affirm, “I am attracting great prosperity and wealth.” Also repeat, “every day in every single way, I am getting better and better.” Never let go of a tight hold on your dreams. They will all come about. But first, once and for all, agree that the mind is the source of unlimited power.

Always Have A Plan B

We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. Because many things don’t go as well as we would like them to, it’s a great idea to have a “Plan B.” Having fallback plans can’t help but make you feel better about the  outcome  of  any  situation,  and  it  is  a  common denominator among very self-confident people.

Anyone  who  has  had  more  than  one  failure  in her  life  can  tell  you  that  having  another  path  to  take probably saved her bacon a time or two. I’m a big one for  contingency  plans.  If  you  are  an  entrepreneur,  in the  arts  or  media,  or  you  have  all  your  eggs  in  one basket, a Plan B is essential.

Knowing that if you lose the farm you have a condo you can go to makes you feel safer in the world. I know a number of people who have motor homes, and one of the reasons they do is, as they jokingly say, it’s their “in case” home. During the last big earthquake here in Los  Angeles,  many  people  who  had  them  were  very grateful—and those of us who didn’t were envious.

With the world economy in turmoil, creating some kind of additional income stream is also a good idea. The jeweler who is also a great designer or builder, the computer  geek  who  can  also  teach  school,  or  the  PR person  who  is  a  closet  novelist  can  all  find  a  way  to thrive even if their current position disappears.

Backup  plans  don’t  have  to  be  new  ideas—I continue  to  use  aspects  of  everything  I’ve  ever  done. My days on stage playing guitar have made me a better public speaker, which makes me a good radio host. The energy  I  put  into  songs  and  poems  has  helped  them become columns and books.
The years I spent running my  own  business  give  me  the  insight  to  help  others streamline theirs. 

And all of my experiences have made me  a  confident  and  successful  therapist.  Every  talent and  ability  you  have  can  be  built  upon  and  also  used again.  Not  that  I’d  ever  again  want  to  be  on  a  tour bus with six smelly guys for eight weeks, but if I had to I could still put food on the table by humming and strumming.

There’s  another  potential  upside  here:  Sometimes your  original  plan  and  your  backup  can  work  at  the same time. I still counsel, consult, write, and speak to groups all over the world. In years when the speaking business  got  very  slow  (such  as  after  9/11  and  then the  financial  crisis),  I  spent  more  time  writing  and counseling.

When  there  was  a  lull  between  books, I  put  more  energy  into  my  radio  show  and  business consulting, and did pro-bono events. Having multiple options gives you the sense that, if any one thing went away, you’d have other gigs that would more than fill the gap.

So get a little creative. Look at your past accomplishments and your current talents. A Plan B is only an idea away. By the way, this Plan B thing works in life, but not in relationships. Having a backup mate is only going to erode your current relationship and cause heartache for everyone involved. Enough said.


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