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How-to Love Others and Involve Them in Your Dreams

Never underestimate the importance of people.

We  live  in  a  busy,  hurried  world  and  it's  easy  to  get caught up in the whirlwind of busyness, tasks, and goals. But  Solomon  knew  that  you  will  never  achieve  a significant dream without the involvement of others.

Solomon fully grasped the wonder of humanity. In 1 Kings  3:9,  we  read  that  Solomon  pleaded  with  God  for special  and  extraordinary  wisdom, Give  therefore  thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people?

Solomon saw the hidden treasure around him in a way that  no  one  had  seen  it  before.  He  regarded  the  people around him as more than servants and employees. He saw them as more than sources of revenue and taxes. His love ran deep enough to ask God for uncommon ability to bless and strengthen those he governed.

Solomon was not afraid to ask others to get involved with the dream of his lifetime. A young man approached me after a speaking engagement one evening. He was shy and hesitant. He wanted to involve me in a business idea he had, but he was never quite able to tell me his intention.

After  he  walked  away,  I  thought, He  will  never  achieve his  goal  until  it  becomes  more  important  than  anything else in his life.
Asking is the first step toward receiving.

The  following  are  twenty-six  powerful  facts  that uncommon achievers know about people:

1.  You will always need people.

2.  Success is a collection of relationships.

Without clients, a lawyer has no career. Without patients, a  doctor  has  no  future.  Without  composers,  a singer  has  nothing  to  sing.  Your  future  is connected  to  people.  Your success is  dependent upon people.

3.  Greatness is all around you.

You must look for it. Expect it. Celebrate it. Pursue it, and reward it wherever it is found.

4.  The  master  key  to  achieving  anything significant  is  inspiring  those  around  you  to commit to your vision.

5.  Everyone  will  have  something  different  to impart  into  your  life. 

Remember—someone close  to  you  needs  something  you  possess. Likewise, someone else possesses something that you need to achieve your dreams and goals. Each person around you possesses a different "body of knowledge." It is your personal responsibility to drop  your  pail  in  their  well  and  draw it  out.  As Proverbs 11:14 teaches, Where no counsel is, the people  fall:  but  in  the  multitude  of  counselors there is safety. Some of the people around you are logical,  and  some  are  analytical.  Others  are creative  and  energizing,  but  the  contribution  of each person is vital.

6.  You must be willing to listen to others.

We all see  through  different  eyes,  feel  with  different hearts, and hear with different ears.

7.  Someone  close  to  you  knows  something  that you must know or you will not succeed.

Stop. When someone tries to tell you something, take the  time  to  hear  them  out.  One  piece  of information  can  sometimes  mean  the  difference between success and failure. The quality of your decisions depends on your ability to listen.

8.  You must deposit your best efforts into others.

Solomon  believed  that  those  around  him deserved  his  best  efforts.  That's  why  he  prayed for uncommon wisdom to aid and guide them.  He  felt  a  personal  responsibility  to  improve  the quality  of  their  lives.  In  1  Kings  3:8,  Solomon called the people around him "a great people."

9.  You  must be  willing  to  reach  out  to  people.

Solomon was humble. His first request from his Creator was for personal assistance to help those around  him  become  successful.  The  arrogant never reach out. They attempt everything alone.

10.  You  must  love  people  enough  to  empty  your life into them.

11.  You must love people enough to pursue ways to benefit and reward them.

12.  You must love people enough to prepare and be changed so they can succeed because of you.

13.  You must celebrate the differences in people.

Solomon networked with many cultures. He was the  leader  of  the  commerce  of  his  day,  and  the first  to  send  ships  to  other  countries.  It  is  so unfortunate  that  many  never  celebrate  the  fact that we are all uniquely made. People often fear those  they  do  not  understand.  Then  they withdraw, criticize, and cast aside.

14.  You  must  discern  the  dominant  gift  God  has deposited  in  others  just  for  you.

Many  years ago, I hired a vibrant and energized young lady to run my music company. Everyone loved her  and  considered  her  a  delight.  Since  I  traveled  a great deal, I was often out of the office and unable to  oversee  her  work.  When  I  finally  found  an opportunity to look over her files, I was dismayed to find that she was not organized in any way. My financial  documents  were  a  mess.  Envelopes were  mislabeled,  and  bank  statements  were  in disarray. I was horrified.

I called her into my office and gently explained, "I really love you and appreciate the joy that you bring into this office. But, I will have to fire you." After  she  left,  I  noticed  an  unexplainable emptiness  in  the  atmosphere  of  the  office.  The staff had lost its energy and excitement. I  now  realize  that  this  young  woman  had  the nature of a cheerleader, rather than the mentality of  a  coach.  Spontaneity  was  her  gift  to  me  and structure was not. If I could do it again, I would simply  place  her  in  a  different  position.  Her countenance, energy, and desire to be hospitable were  too  rare.  She  was  the  spark  plug  of  my whole staff.

Marriages often fragment because people fail to understand  this  principle.  Husbands  pressure wives  to  change.  Wives  pressure  husbands  to change. Variety creates intrigue.  Unpredictability has its rewards. Structure has its own product.

15.  Remember that people need to hear your good thoughts  about  them. 

Solomon  celebrated people—everywhere he found them. First Kings 10:8  says, Happy  are  thy  men,  happy  are  these thy servants, which stand continually before thee, and that hear thy wisdom. What you are hearing is creating what you are feeling.

16.  People  around  you  possess  the  solutions  to your  problems. 

Solomon  asked  everybody  to help him.

17.  Involve  as  many  people  as  possible  in  your dream.

You need people to assist you in order to achieve your dream. Solomon wrote and reached out  to  many  to  assist  him  in  the  building  of  the incredible Temple.
He listened to people.
He  listened  to  kings.  He  listened  to  leaders.  He even listened to two quarrelling harlots.
He  listened  to  enthusiastic  voices  of encouragement wherever he found them.

18.  Even  unhappy  people  can  birth  incredible ideas for you.

Solomon listened to unhappy voices for  ideas.  He inspired  the  gifted  to  assist him.  In  2  Chronicles  2:7,  we  read  Solomon's words, Send me now therefore a man cunning to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, and in iron, and in purple, and crimson, and blue, and that can skill to grave with the cunning men that are  with  me  in  Judah  and  in  Jerusalem,  whom David my father did provide.

Solomon  respected  the  skills  of  others.  He searched them out, rewarded them, and paid them well.

19.  Uncommon  achievers  notice  quality  people.

Donald  Trump,  the  billionaire  from  New  York said,  "I'm  just  looking  to  hire  the  best  talent wherever  I  can  find  it."  Many  years  ago,  I  read that one of the master secrets of Dr. Oral Roberts, the founder of Oral Roberts University, was that he literally combed the earth looking for the most highly qualified people to surround him.

20.  You will only succeed in life to the degree you succeed with people.

Are you having difficulty in your relationships with others? Do your fellow workers  resent  you? Why?  Do  those  who  work under you long to work under another manager in another department? Be honest with yourself.

21.  Everyone has something different to give.

22.  Some  friendships  are  for  encouragement.

Their words compliment and edify. They admire your  labor  and  achievements  and  exude enthusiasm  when  you  achieve  a  goal.  Their excitement energizes you.

23.  Some friends analyze and critique you.

These types of friends are also necessary. They are not always  enthusiastic  and  encouraging,  but  their scrutiny  often  prevents tragic  consequences  and unwise decisions.

24.  Some friends energize you.

When these friends are  around,  you  want  to  achieve  your  greatest dreams  and  goals.  In  their  presence,  you  make huge  plans  and  throw  caution  to  the  wind.  You become  a  risk  taker.  You see  the  potential  and possibility in everything. These kinds of friends are an important key to unlocking your faith. Solomon was brilliant. He realized every person sees  something  different.  When  he  surrounded himself  with  their  expertise,  opinions,  and viewpoints, they imparted and deposited into him their  wisdom.  He  became  a  melting  pot  of understanding.

It is true that every person is not necessarily "your kind  of  person."  You  will  not  feel  comfortable with everyone. You may not always be energized by  their  presence.  But,  every  person  has  a valuable deposit to make into your life, when you truly understand the need for it.

25.  You  will  need  many  kinds  of  personalities involved in your life.

Each will enlarge, educate, and strengthen you. Some offer spontaneity and freedom of expression.
The unwise limit themselves.
The  wise  accept  the  impartation  of  many.  In Proverbs 11:14, it is written, In the multitude of counselors there is safety.

26.  Relationship  skills  can  be  learned. 

This  will take  time  and  require  focus.  Most  of  all,  it  will mean  being  totally  honest.  Ask  your  supervisor for  suggestions  regarding  books,  seminars,  or personal  evaluation.  Be  willing  to  be  corrected.
When  you  offend,  be  swift  to  apologize,  and show a sincere desire to develop and be changed.

The following seven keys will help you get along with people:

1.    Stop  focusing  on  the  flaws  of  people and  "catch  them  doing  something right."
2.    Praise others publicly and privately.

3.    Be a rewarder

Recognize  completed  tasks,  good attitudes, and be swift to reward those who assist you in achieving your goal.

4.    Don't  permit  bitter  feelings  to  fester and grow within you.

Do not advertise your  conflicts  with  everyone  else. Rather,  approach  the  person  who  has offended  you  directly  in  private  and make things right.

5.    Remember  dialogue always  births miraculous changes.
6.    Recognize that words are the "golden bridges" from the pit to the palace.
7.    Fall in love with people and people will fall in love with you.

Someone has said, "People  do  not  care  how  important  you are, it is important to them that you really care."  Someone  else  said,  "People  wear huge,  invisible  signs  around  their  necks that say—Please tell me  I  am important to  you."  Remembering  this  simple  key can make a profound difference.

The  countenance  of  those  near  you  may  look  stoic, uncommitted, and uninspired. But, within each heart beats a  fervent  desire  to  be  needed,  desired,  and  celebrated.
Don't stress to others how easily you could live without them—remind  them  how  much  their presence  has improved your life.

The master secret hidden inside the heart of Solomon is found in his description of his people. He called them "a great people."

·       Those  around  you  are  great.  Become  worthy  of them.
·       Those around you can become great. Become their "bridge to greatness."
·       Uncommon  achievers recognize  and  reward other uncommon achievers.


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